We have a unique experience in developing and designing cost efficient, robust, and functional electrical panels.

As a supplier of complex solutions and products for our clients we emphasize on being a technical partner in all phases of a project. From pre-studies to finished solutions it is all about making the perfect solution for our customers. With our market understanding, experience with complex installations and R&D, our project engineers will be a sought-after commodity to any project.

A close cooperation with our clients is imperative for success!

We always keep our software up to date being able to deliver to all relevant standards and formats. All our panels are thoroughly tested and controlled according to strict procedures developed from 30 years of experience before being delivered to our customers.

Our engineers have over the years accumulated an extensive knowledge and understanding in what is needed to manage a successful project. We have approximately 25-30 electrical engineers on hand where the majority has been with the company for decades.


The largest in the Nordic region in electrical and automation panels.

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